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Mikael Han Drum

In its core essence, DivineJoy is based on a complete understanding of Enlightened Heart Sovereignty:

Enlightened Heart Sovereignty is a state of completeness and inter-connectedness. It is recognizing that as a human being you have an individuated spiritual force that animates your physical, emotional, sexual, mental, pyschic, & spiritual aspects, and that through this individuated spirit you are complete and connected to all other life forms through the Universal Spirit Consciousness (Pure Source Intelligence).

Enlightened Heart Sovereign beings understand that they alone create their holographic reality and that they are totally responsible for their life experience. They also understand that all other life forms are equally sovereign and that they also create their own unique holographic realities.

Enlightened Heart Sovereignty allows that the source of all liberating information is contained within the AUTHENTIC HEART FEELING nature of the Fullest Potential Self, and that all is needed to co-create new holographic realities is also contained within the Self. It is the harmonic convergence point of self-love and the all-inclusive connection to all that is through the three-fold vibration of Sacred Heart Love, DivineJoy Wisdom, and Divine Will.”

Mikael King - DivineJoy Director


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Mikael King is a Sacred Sound Maestro, BreathLIGHT Experience Founder, MU Starz Jewelry Designer, Documentary Film Creator, and Now Earth Visionary guide. Since the founding of his global service DivineJoy.org in 2005, he has been continuously serving the Great Human Earth Shift in perfect flow. He has led and co-facilitated workshops all over America and the Islands of Hawai'i. He has also led intensive workshops & retreat trainings internationally in Canada, Italy, Russia, New Zealand, Peru,....» read more