13 Code Retreat Training Intensive - Kauai, HI • Jan. 13-22, 2010


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Welcome to the 13 Code Self-Mastery Blueprint

Retreat Intensive!

'The Art of Living in the New Earth Hologram'





January 13-22nd, 2010 in Kauai, Hawaii


JOIN Visionary Facilitator Mikael King & Sanctuary Stewards Shoshana B. & Alaya Love for a Royal Hawaiian 10 DAY/9 NIGHT paradise retreat intensive that will inspire, awaken, activate, inform, nurture, love, purify, integrate, apply, anchor, and empower the entire '13 Code Self-Mastery Blueprint' within you.

This '13 Code Self-Mastery Blueprint' is the bedrock to embodying what it means to fully deepen, thrive, and play in the New Earth 'Light Body Activated' Human Design Game.

This '13 Code Self-Mastery Blueprint' Training is based on Mikael King's personal higher source integration & synthesis of 13 intensive years traveling & aligning to sacred vortex sites, assimilating the 13 codes within many different wisdom traditions and ancient teachings from around the world and within this Cosmic Meta-verse. Some of which are uniquely sourced from:

Level I & II Feedback:

“"I am in deep gratitude to Mikael for the DivineJoy work he does. Through the trainings I was able to shift to higher vibrations effortlessly away from my everyday human concerns, and experience the liberated state of mind as a tangible reality.

Mikael has this very rare gift to share. During the 13 Code Trainings the vibrations of love, joy, laughter, and gratitude is our home. What an experience!!"

—Viktoria G. Los Angeles, CA

  • Lemurian MU (Hawaiian Huna)
  • Cetacean (Whale & Dolphin) Pod Transmissions
  • Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism
  • Transpersonal Psychology
  • Radiant Health/Sacred Wealth Principles
  • New Earth Holographic Living
  • Quantum Universe Downloads
  • Egyptian Hermetic Science
  • Yoga & Ayurvedic Science
  • Higher Atlantean
  • Shamanic Indigenous
  • Ascended Master Curriculum
  • Archangelic, Angelic, Elemental, Devic Kingdoms
  • Christ/Magdalene Tantra Consciousness
  • Inter-Dimensional Galactic Federation
  • Anastasia Consciousness Movement
  • Russian Lyceum New Earth Children
  • Federation of Damanhur, Italy
  • Findhorn Foundation, Scotland
  • All this plus a strong emphasis & correlation with DivineJoy Sound, Breath, Movement, & I-Gazing Workshops

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Level I Light Body Codes Banner

Level I: Crystal KaMu - 7 Light Body Codes is a comprehensive in-depth course into activating KA Light Body and integrating this creative light (chi) force into the deep self-magnetizing womb of MU. KA is the Divine Masculine Principle. MU is the Sacred Feminine Principle. Together as One Unit births the Sacred Silent Union. The Crystal KaMu human grid is being activated all around the New Earth and it is now our KaMu-niversal Responsibility to fully awaken our personal Crystal KaMu Light Bodies’ ‘13 Code Self-Mastery Blueprint’ from within.


Level II Code Banner

Level II: Crystal KaMu - 6 Universal Mastery Codes is a comprehensive advanced 2nd level course that builds upon the seven foundational light body codes from Level I Training. Once personal & planetary codes are activated & anchored, Level II swiftly moves deeper into consciousness, profoundly awakening Code 8 to Code 13. These additional Six Universal Mastery Codes bridge the localized human & planetary bodies into the higher solar, stellar, galactic, and universal bodies. This will allow the full expansion and then gentle sub-atomic contraction of Crystal KaMu to solidly nest inside the Divine Self-Magnetizing Presence of Zero Point, or what the Ancient Tibetans refer to as Dzogchen (The Great Perfection).

REGISTER & RESERVE YOUR SPACE with Ali G at 1.808.639.5483 or 1.808.639.4557 or email: info@divinejoy.org 

Crystal KaMu Light Body Insert NU Planetary Fuchsia Flame Grid

It is imperative in this accelerated timeline that all the tools for conscious self-mastery embodiment be activated and transmitted in order for the greater New Earth Crystalline Grid to be anchored all around the planet.

We must be skillful experts at creatively weaving, transforming, and holding true self-mastery space for individual, community, and collective grace to be chosen by all. 2010 is the year of embracing & allowing the NEW EARTH TO MAGICALLY MANIFEST and being in total gratitude for the entire process as it unfolds beyond judgment. This DivineJoy Golden Key will enable you to TRULY ENJOY THE PRESENT MOMENT! with Self-Empowering Wisdom, Authentic Presence, and your Passionate Heart Purpose as it reveals itself in the end of all Egoic 'Seperation' filters.

Regardless of your practical "individual storefront" job, city career, atheletic, entertainment, recreational, educational, material, or spiritual position up to this point in your soul's journey, you are being actively called right now to be a "Living Light Embodied Acupressure Point" for the Planetary Crystalline Grid Emerging.

The Crystalline Emerald Isle of Kauai!

Ancient Aina (Sacred Land)

Welcome to Kauai Aina Banner 

The “Emerald Garden Isle” paradise of Kauai has so much to explore with its diverse array of inland ecosystems and natural coastlined splendour. Kauai is full of spectacular freshwater streams, crystal waterfalls, sub-tropical rainforests, red lava rock canyons, lush mountain ridges, white sandy beaches, turquoise blue big wave surf, and just about anything else imaginable on this magical paradise island destination.

hula codes with Kapu Huna Poni

The Islands of Hawaii are the sacred "Alpha Green" heart of the planet.  Here, thousands of years ago, is where the great land of Lemuria & her golden people thrived for hundreds of millenia in peace, abundance, harmony, joy, and authentic masterful presence in every moment.  Lemuria was just the tail end civilization of an even greater Golden Era of Peace that was known as the sacred motherland of MU.  The New Earth Destiny is now rising through the ancient golden magnetic codes of MU. The indigenous island people and their Gods/Goddesses of the Hawaiian culture have long held the magnetic crystalline frequencies of the great golden culture of MU which hosted over 200 million souls living in abundance, self-mastery presence, divinejoy, and co-creation with each other and the sacred aina(land).  

Sephirah Kauai Goddess

Of all the beautiful islands of Hawaii MU, the garden island of Kauai is the original multi-dimensional stargate that still holds the lineage of the emerald codes of light for Planet Gaia.  For these islands are the very peaks of a 35,000 ft. mountain range that is still the highest, from top to bottom, in the world.  It has been held sacred by the grace, power, & wisdom of the Indigenous God(esse)s Laka, Lono, Hina, Pele, etc, as well as the Ascended Masters, Indigenous Huna Elders, Cosmic Beings of Light, and the Galactic Federation as an extremely brilliant exemplification of the New Earth Destiny Rising.

Any spiritual,mental,emotional,sexual, & physical self-love mastery work received here is now being magnified and enhanced by the deep expansive capacity of this precious emerald island jewel in the heart of the pacific ocean. In many ways, the island of Kauai itself is one giant crystal vortex pulsing elohim paradise light and the sacred visionary heart of MU - synthesizing the Higher Rays of Consciousness and the 22 + indigenous temple portals that still rest and hold the frequency of ONENESS EMBODIED.  A powerful & deeply peaceful harmonic fusion of Ancient Future Presence dispenses throughout the planet from this visionary Isle of Sacred Heart Light. Thus the intensive training to activate and anchor the '13 Code Self-Mastery Blueprint' will be supremely enhanced by the Magical Magnetic Alliance with the Garden Island of Kauai!

Crystal KaMu Light Body Insert NU

REGISTER & RESERVE YOUR SPACE with Ali G at 1.808.639.5483 or 1.808.639.4557 or email: info@divinejoy.org


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Crystal KaMu Defined!

Twin Flame Crystal KaMu Lemurian

The word Crystal in DivineJoy terms means 'Universal Harmony'. Crystal energy is an infinite spectrum of liquid light frequencies & geometric codes that have manifested in frozen physical form. Crystals as physical specimens emit rays of condensed light that, when activated, begin to create environmental forcefields of universal expansion & harmony depending on their color ray of service. The Crystal specimen formulates powerful sacred geometric patterns that mature after thousands, if not millions of years in mother earths womb. Vast amounts of universally encoded consciousness is locked into just one single crystal that can assist in the activation of thousands of unawakened sentient beings.

Kauai Lemurian Seeds

With this in mind, the activated crystal energy directly affects the consciously aware human earth body by raising the vibratory structure of both cellular and sub-cellular atomic particles. Thus, creating the potential avenue for immediate higher individual connection into multi-dimensional etheric realms or states of being. In this manner, when we use the term, crystal, we are talking about the harmonic energy and encoded information that, for each particular individual, becomes an enlightened transference of consciousness. It is an immediate alchemical transformation of energy likened to the process of turning base metals into gold, carbon into silica, or limited dualistic consciouness into awakened Crystal KaMu consciousness.

This accelerated process ensues when one becomes activated by a physical crystal specimen, by an awakened human emanating I AM crystalline vibrations, or by an area on earth emanating massive crystalline field vortices. It is important to understand, that the collective human DNA body imprint is shifting from a carbon stagnancy into a crystalline sub-atomic structure. As crystal vortex centers like Mt. Shasta, Kauai, and many others all over the planet are quickly anchor locking into place for the great shift that we are currently now in. Many of the symptoms(tiredness, fatigue, hypersensivity, old fears, trauma, pain body, deep unconscious patterns, chaos, crisis, unresolved family/relationship shadow/karmic issues, etc) erupting out of this accelerated crystalline grid re-alignment can be skillfully & compassionately navigated by the total Crystal KaMu Activation of the "13 Code Self-Mastery Blueprint' within you.

Kauai Crystalline Waterfall

In essence, the sacred word KaMu means 'Union of Sovereign Opposites'. In ancient Hawaiian language, KaMu translates as, "The Perfect Silence". In DivineJoy Self-Mastery Terms, KA represents the spiritual life force(chi) of the father, the white light fire that feeds Universal creation into form. And MU represents the sacred feminine principle or cauldron of void-emptiness. MU is the deep mother womb-nesting field that grounds the creative bio-electric energies that are fed by the KA to experience thriving perfect placement within the whole universe. Everything and everyone is accounted for, no one or thing is left out of the perfect balanced equation.

KaMu is the infinite light of the Divine Masculine Principle merging completely with the unconditional love of the Sacred Feminine Principle, thus creating 'The Perfect Silence' or 'Silent Union'.

It is from this Perfect Silence that the entire universe and everything in it is birthed into divine wholeness.

Very simply, CRYSTAL KAMU means 'Universal Harmonic Union'.


What is Light Body Code Activation?



Crystal-Hedron Harmonic Living Mandala


Crystal KaMu Light Body Insert NU

13 Code Self-Mastery Training with Mikael & Guest Facilitators


Mikael B. King

Mikael in Emerald Paradise

Over a decade ago, at the age of twenty, Mikael awakened to the spiritual conscious path when he returned from a "near life ending, eternal review" pacific ocean drowning experience.  Since that initial shamanic liberation, he has journeyed to over 24 countries, studying, learning, teaching, healing, sharing, counseling, and activating the codes for thousands of fellow human beings into the truth of living in the Crystal KaMu Magic of DivineJoy Presence.

Mikael King is a Tibetan Yogi Shamanic Sound Master and Visionary Facilitator. Since the inception of his personal DivineJoy.org Ministry in 2005, he has been serving the Great Human Earth Shift, non-stop. He has led and co-facilitated workshops all over America and the Islands of Hawaii. He has led intensive retreats internationally in Canada, Italy, and Russia. Mikael is also the Visionary Founder of the non-profit OHM Foundation, a co-creative eco-template seeding plan for New Earth KaMu'niversity in Kaua'i'.

Level I & II Feedback:

“Mikael's presentation of the material, how it relates distinctly to today's living experience and the vast importance of activating & integrating the 13 Codes for the New Earth....everything was Awesome & Amazing!

I have never taken this much time - 2 weeks - consistently away from my "busy" life until now...I can't imagine NOT having given myself the gifts of these 13 Codes and the time to be completely present...the Planet & our Souls need, want, desire us to do this work so we can embody & remember way more of who we be! I love you! Thank You!

— Deborah P. Los Angeles, CA


In this 13 Code Intensive Retreat Training, participants will receive new potent Activations, Hawaiian Huna Downloads, and DivineJoy Facilitation Techniques through an in-depth course manual on Self-Mastery. Stemming from an All-Inclusive Integrated approach to many religious/ spiritual/ new thought traditions both shamanically indigenous and cosmically attuned, Mikael will be intimately offering his personal 'expanded self' take on what it means to live in one's fullest potential and still radiantly thriving in these accelerated earth shifting times.  No matter what chaos is happening in the outside world, It is truly the now moment to get authentically real and break free from all the self-limiting human games that are hindering the fullest potential to arise in all of humankind.  And It all begins & ends with you...

Mandala Cuisine Chef Micah Sky



Deborah Dove

Mikael in Emerald Paradise

Deborah Dove enjoys facilitating transformational journeys exploring inner & outer landscapes in natural settings.  She teaches vinyasa flow, restorative yoga, mandala & partner yoga, and is a CMT specializing in swedish, sports massage, energy healing & chi nei tsang.  Deborah is also an events organizer, entertainment lawyer, spiritual midwife, sacred space holder, nature enthusiast, tour guide & singer.  She is enthralled to be guiding sessions at Divine Joy's 13 Code Self Mastery Blueprint Retreat.

Leilani "LANI" Petranek


Leilani is a Trans-Cultural Energist, Sacred Dancer, Filmmaker, and the Author of the Award-winning Book SPIRIT OF HULA, MANA O HULA. She shares the "Sacred Hula: Ancient Mystery School of the Goddess" as a Healing Art and Energy Medicine.  Leilani has trained with the Great Kumu Hula (Hula Masters) of Hawai'i and her mentors include Rubellite Kawena Johnson, the foremost Native Hawaiian Scholar in the World, and Kahu & Kumu Poni Kamau'u of the Sacred Kaua'i Luahine Lineage, who was a Priest and Master of all the Traditional Hawaiian Arts and Cultural Practices.  She guides Goddess Celebrations, Retreats, Festivals, and Sacred Journeys on Kaua'i and throughout Gaia as an Emissary of MU with Aloha and the Grace and Sanctity of the Divine Feminine.

Alaya Love

Alaya Love

Alaya Love is an Ambassador of Aloha. She is a vision holder and co-founder of the Magdala Mystery School where "future teachers and healers are invited to come to awaken their gifts and talents and true soul purpose." Alaya is internationally recognized and trained in Toltec and Huna traditions and has worked directly with Don Miguel Ruiz as well as Makua, one of the truly great Hawaiian Kahunas.

Alaya uses and shares very effective, time tested tools of transformation for the empowerment, awakening and activation of the individual. Alaya has 30 years experience facilitating processes using energy work, forgiveness, prayer, and most powerfully, ancient secrets of connecting to the power of Source within. 

 Alaya offers private sessions in Ho'o'pono pono, Spiritual Counseling, DNA Activation and Chakra Alignment, Meditation and works with individuals as an Empowerment Coach. For those dealing with a serious illness, Alaya will work as a Healing Coach teaching how to use the power of Source with directed tools for the body, mind and spirit and vibrational medicine to bring the individual back to Wholeness and Health.

Amoraea Dreamseed 

Shasta Light Body Amoraea_Bio_new

Amoraea Dreamseed receives various commissions from the Divine to construct the sacred architecture of the Subtle Realms here on Earth in ways that become accessible temples for people to recommence and reinforce their connection with SOURCE PRESENCE.
Exploring multiple mediums to express and transmit the One Cosmic Code in to form, Amoraea has created various ceremonies, spiritual images, sound holograms, activation seminars, and healing chambers as access points for others to Awaken From Within.

Amoraea Dreamseed has been facilitating transformational experiences for over 10 years throughout the United States. His personal shamanic awakenings and inner initiations with Cosmic Master Teachers and Direct Source have opened his channels to create a unique synthesis of healing and activation. He is the Co-founder of The Light School, an exceptional Healer, Musician, and master Visionary Artist.

Amoraea’s array of private healing and activation techniques include:

Lightbody and ‘DNA’ Activation, Anchoring Higher Self, Cosmic Archetypes, Star Family lineages, and Soul’s Greater Embodiment, Clearing and Activating the KA Body, Universal Meridians, Geometric Body and other subtle bodies, Psychic Readings and clearings, Chakra balancing, Holographic Field and Light Column stabilization / reconnection, Breath work, Tantra / Panic Light Flows, Guided Visualizations and Shamanic Journeywork, Soul Retrieval, Reikii. Each of Amoraea's group ceremonies and seminars are an exploration and embodiment of “The Divine Human” and the conscious transformation of the Species. Lightbody Breath work, Sound vibrational healing with didjeridoo and crystal singing bowls, Soul Awareness training, Shamanic Trance Dance and Sacred Movement.


Crystal KaMu Light Body Insert NU

RAWjuvenating your Physical Body Codes through Gourmet Raw/Vegan Cuisine with Micah Sky & Mandala Cuisine

Mandala Cuisine Flyer

 In full 13 Code support of our awakening to a more spacious, grounded, and yet light fueled embodiment, Micah & the Mandala Cuisine Kitchen Angels will be co-creating and sharing with you a simple, nourishing, and light infused way of eating with raw, organic delectable foods straight off the tree & vine. Here in Kauai, Coconuts, Mangos, Papayas, Passionfruit, Bananas, Avocados, and over 200 other exotic species of wild-crafted tropical fruits, nuts, herbs, and vegetables live and thrive on the sacred aina (land). This kind of radiant nutrition contains the highest living life force on the planet right now.

Living Foods PIc

Nurturing the physical body temple with the most nutrient rich and alive sources of foods and liquids will support a more easeful alignment into the Kauai Light Body. Stabilizing light in the physical dimension is exponentially supported by partaking of food sustenance that is, in it's natural vibrant state, without the thick burdensome on our digestive systems that occurs with most cooked foods and even the more recent heavy raw cuisine trend.

 As we lighten our intake of heavy foods we also make loving space for more of the emotional/psycho-spiritual body to arise, allowing blocks to be embraced and moved through with ease and grace. Whether you are brand new to eating Raw or well acquainted, we invite you to explore the Lightness of Being with Raw.

Shasta Light Raw Cuisine_2

The Intensive Training includes All Radiant Live/Vegan Gourmet Meals plus liquid radiant elixirs during the Universal Mastery Codes.

Crystal KaMu Light Body Insert NU

13 Code Intensive Training Sessions

Radiant Health Embodiment

"Your Greatest Wealth is your Radiant Health"

Greatest Wealth Banner

In order to completely embody the 13 Code Self-Mastery Blueprint, every individual must be fully aware of their own physical vessel and consciously choose to return to the sacred essence of their primordial 'nutritionally balanced' origin.

Radiant Health Blessed Herbs

Radiant Health Embodiment begins with each individual taking a radically honest snapshot at their current habitual subconscious patterns that block higher vibrations entering the physical body. It time to dynamically break free of the medically institutionalized unconscious playing of the human body game. By acknowledging the old physical, emotional, psycho-sexual, and mental addiction patterns with self-love and awareness, we can then begin to purify, cleanse, and release these self-limiting programs. This evolving process takes time, diligence, and effort as old habits & addictive food oriented belief systems die hard; especially with social/cultural/conventional food conditioning that ingrains into the mind, emotions, spirit, and body of who, when, where, and what to eat.

Radiant Health Purification will cover the importance of:


“Wonderful Training Retreat! I go home freer, with peace and connection with so many beautiful warm souls. Plus, I now have incredible tools to use for my own personal transformation and self-empowerment. ”

—Kay S. - Green Bay, WI

  • DETOXIFICATION of the body including heavy metals, candida fungus, and negative pathogens in the blood, circulatory, and digestive system.

  • CLEANSING techniques of the bodies' vital organs: Colon, Liver, Gall Bladder, Lung, Unwanted Stomach Guests, Lymph, Kidney, and more.

  • FASTING with liquid hydration, cell food, herbs, and pure oxygen.

  • PURIFYING into Light Body via Raw Foods and Leading Edge Radiant Health Supplements.

  • ACTIVATING consistent vibrational Life Force Longetivity by committing to Mikael's Six Week Radiant Health Embodiment Program.

After cleansing, detoxifying, and purifying, the body's innate intelligence will desire to assimilate living raw food substance and truly benefit from the Raw Food Vegan Lifestyle. The healthy rewards of a consciously wealthy lifestyle are outstanding and immediate but require constant upkeep and discipline. Mikael will be introducing personal tools and superfood downloads so that Radiant Health Self-Empowerment can be obtained and stabilized for as long as you choose to thrive in your physical body vessel!

Shasta Light Body Fruit Bannner

Integrating consciousness into personal Radiant Health is relative to every individual's unique path. It is not a destination per se but a life-time journey of self-mastery. Becoming Radiant in ones journey is a process that happens over time and is not simply another "Quick Fix" raw food hustle or a set "Happy Meal" diet program. Although, if the alchemy is right, there are always exceptions to the rule!

Radiant Health truly begins with opening and awakening the Body Heart Elemental which will always guide each individual to exactly what s/he needs to ground, nurture, and thrive. Detoxifying, Cleansing, Purification, Fasting, and a strong Radiant Healthy Diet are Golden keys to this wealthy lifestyle. Mikael is delighted to share his Radiant Health secrets with you to free yourself of limitations that plague the body, food, & nutrition game now!

REMEMBER, "Your Greatest Wealth is your Radiant Health!"

golden goddess_solstice_spacer

Light Body Activation Workshops


BREATH: Crystal Helix Breathwork Activation Ceremony

This interweaving, 12 stranded star helix spiral, wavelike breathwork energizes, transforms, strengthens, provides clarity, and increases your ability to remember ancient DNA memory visions and manifest your highest dreams.

Unlike the traditional yogic pranayama breath control methods, this shamanic process focuses on a continuous rhythmic breath-flow.


My breathwork experience with you was one of the most powerful moments in my life!  It was probably the most unbelievable connection I have ever made with the boundless power and infinite energy available to human beings in the realm of the physical body.

—Luke G,
San Francisco

The increased flow of spiral energy into the body and mind triggers emotional release and opens up the feeling nature of the sacred heart. As a deeper level of self-love is experienced, a passionate clarity of life purpose and expanded states of awakened consciousness are naturally generated.

Mikael creates a vibrationally charged sacred space, where guided meditations and dynamic body-movements prepare the group for the deep journey into the passionate breath process.

SOUND: Tibetan Vocal Harmonic Sound Empowerment

For thousands of years in the east and still to this day, the Tibetan, Tuvan, and Siberian people have practiced the ancient art of Shamanic Overtone Chanting.

It is a spiritual tradition transferred down orally from generation to generation, enabling the succeeding lineage to connect with their Signature Sound Encoded Consciousness in a sacred authentic way.  Not only does the empowerment awaken channels to receive higher information but it also opens the throat chakra, clears the subtle bodies, and aligns the entire chakra system in the body.

In this powerful Sound Healing workshop with Mikael, participants will connect with their higher self through the natural celestial spectrum of the human voice.

The Empowerment begins by learning to chant basic fundamental tones starting with the Universal Vowel System.  From that foundation participants will move through different vocal exercises in order to create and experience the flute-like overtone chants. There is both individual, partner, and larger groupwork which assists the transference of consciousness within this tibetan shamanic empowerment.

MOVEMENT: ShamanEka Ecstatic Trance Dance

Shamaneka Ecstatic Dance

By dynamically raising the collective energy into full throttle ecstatic dance, participants will have a safe opportunity to explore their own authentic double spiral movement, release emotions, and deeply connect with others in a conscious earth-raising dance container.

Click here for more ShamanEka Details

I-GAZING WORKSHOP - Click here for Details

Shasta Light Body Morning Practice

Awakening our vital energies with the golden  dawn, we will be guided each morning in sacred movement & yoga through a different creative modality to prepare the way for each Crystal KaMu Training day.

•Tai Chi Movement
•Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga
•Somatic Yin Yoga Exploration


Light Language

By outlining the '13 Code Self-Mastery Blueprint' of holographic information, then through direct experiential guided meditation, movement, harmonic sounds, and breathwork we will become aware of the various aspects and dimensions of our Being in direct activation of the 13 Codes. Exploring how it all connects and how to directly experience ourselves in certain realms, then allows us to expertly guide & facilitate others into those subtle and direct states of awareness.

Throughout the intensive course manual training, participants will not only understand but embody how energy manifests, preserves itself, and transforms into an impermanent end that begets a new spiral beginning. The 13 Codes will be directly experienced through Mikael's expert weaving of DivineJoy's Sound, Breath, Movement, and I-gazing Workshops.

An Overview of the 7 Light Body Codes 



Nu Magenta Earth Code IThe traditional seven chakra system has totally been revamped to support the traditional 8th chakra to now be the 1st. World Service is no longer an option but a universal responsiblity. We must surrender the lower ego in order to anchor into the new higher ascension ray of global manifestation. The Codes are not specifically coordinated to the Chakra system but in this first Magenta Earth Code, we will Ground and Activate our Crystalline Heart Connection with Gaia's Magnetic Leylines. And through this we will begin to understand how the ley 'Dragon' lines are affecting us consciously & unconsciously in every moment.



Nu Coral Water Code IIReleasing ancient shadow patterns in regards to past or present sacrificing of self for the other or for the group is the main key to this code. In order to truly embody and live authentically in DivineJoy Christ Consciousness, we must release all savior/martydom tendencies on all levels and states of unconscious being. This is a deeply ingrained pattern for many facilitators, leaders, & healers and this Coral Water Code will transmute these old programs so that Fluid Liquid Joy can be intimately & easily assimilated.



Nu Golden Fire Code III

As we move into the Dynamic Nature of the Golden Fire Code, we begin to passionately awaken the Divine Will from within. As much of the collective human unconscious is feeding the fears, limiting thought patterns, and the constant attention to money & survival around the globe, the Golden Buddhic Truthseeker in you has a magnificent opportunity to sever all lower egoic tendencies and their self-defeating patterns to truly align with Divine Will. This code unifies the opposites within you to rekindle a new personal source connection to fearless power & passionate golden fire purpose.



Nu Aqua Air Code IVEach Code evolves upon a progressive series of body elemental energies, which allows us to layer and continously stabilize the integration of each new code. The Aqua Air Code assists us in opening up and truly discovering our vast creative potential when we open the Ananda Khanda Center, or higher heart. By calling forth the subtle yet powerful grace of the intuitive voice, we will activate the code which will awaken the sacred heart connection in all kingdoms(Mineral, Human, Animal, Devic, Plant, & Ocean)on earth once again. Vast transformation and accelerated information is quickly downloaded when we harmonically tune ourselves to the Aquamarine Turquoise frequency of the Whales & Dolphins. This Code is an essential bridge to open as it facilitates direct connection to the following three higher codes of awareness.



Nu Violet Ether Code VWhen you mix Blue with Red, you alchemically birth Violet/ Purple. This color represents the ability we have to transmute the very ether or space that surrounds us at all times into a tangible feeling of balanced peace & light. The Violet Ether Code establishes a clear frequency connection into the power of the Violet Eternal Flame. This Frequency Flame can assist us in stabilizing peace into every aspect of our daily life. Through this code we can also generate powerful kundalini energy within and throughout our physical earth body. By weaving self-tantric(non-sexual) movement & dance within ourselves first and then each other, the Violet Ether Code will awaken our vision to inspire and how to radiate a positive frequency field & protection flame at all times.



Nu Indigo Causal Code VIIntegrating the self-tantric (non-sexual) activation of the Violet Ether Code, leads us to the total surrender and assimilation into the deeper journey of the Indigo Causal Abyss. The Indigo/psychic children have garnered so much attention in the past few years because they vibrate, when fully embodied, with the living conscious energy of a balanced configuration of shadow & light. Their sometimes rebellious nature occurs when the living truth that has been distorted and manipulated in the current matrix system no longer serves true authenticity & spiritual integrity. Arising out of the shadow of our old belief systems & life force depleting programs, we discover the causal truth of our past life memory fields and the golden keys of wisdom-gnosis. As we awaken to our karmic blueprints and embrace them with love & compassion, This code asks, "Why do we do the things that we do?"

Out of the ancient and near past, our divine commandment of our personal I AM Priest/ess power and to KNOW THYSELF is awakened by the psychic blossoming of this All Seeing I AM Code. The human third eye must be causally opened, transparent, fluid, and refined for the last & seventh code of Level I Training.


Nu White Purity Code VIIWe have now integrated the localized human codes with the higher harmonic codes. Our bodies, heart, minds, and souls have been primed and prepared for the full alignment of the 7th White Purity Code.

Within and between each other, an energetic holographic purification is needed in order to fully step into co-creation with the divine crystalline synthesis of I AM Source.

Those who are magnifying their Light from beyond the realm of space-time known as Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Deities, Elementals, and Celestial Beings, will assist in activating this last higher geometric code of the first Seven with us, as us, and through us into an intelligent space where we merge our identity-streams into the Collective Body of the One for the upliftment of All Beings.

This may be an entirely new way of relating to these transcendental beings, as we call forth their presence not just as deified personalities to invoke or worship, but as frequency reference points, embodied qualities and virtues, pure transparent awakened energies that unite into the totality of our collective divinity. This White Purity Code clears the space for karmic absolution and distills a graceful, divine connection to the higher realms, and a crystalline clarity that you have never experienced before until now.

The Seventh Code is the first opening into the awareness of our higher celestial, galactic, & stellar bodies. In Level II, the training continues with Code 8 and completes with Code 13.

DJ Level II Training Insert

An Overview of the 6 Universal Mastery Codes 


Nu Soular Star Code VIII

Since the TRIPLE 8/8/8 stargate portal of last year, the solar photonic energy on the planet has increased immeasurably. It has been enough to render a huge opening into a unique collective soul star encoding where new configurations of total UNIONSHIP INTEGRITY with self and other have been transferred into the collective unconscious. This has manifested into a deeper level of financial breakdown, inter-relationship break up, and consequently a higher breakthrough process for awakening humans across the planet. Essentially, the higher self of hundreds of millions are being specifically called to fully anchor into their physical earth body. Therefore, Planetary Crystalline Grid Service is no longer an option but now a Solar System Wide Responsibility to Im-Passion the Christed-Human Blueprint. Living the New Earth Dream Awake means you have to Fully Wake Up from the Old Dualistic One. This is the Second Coming and it begins with you! This Soular Star Code unlocks the DNA memory fields of your other planetary human lifetimes & those unique karmic lessons. By fully activating the Lemniscate, participants will dive into the holographic memory of other planetary incarnations and the wisdom body of awareness that arises from these experiences.



Nu Inter-Stellar Code IX

Code 9 is the end of the spiral that begets a new one. It is the moment when inter-stellar family filaments weave together to reveal their truest authentic selves. As we journey through the multi-layered veils of humanity's galactic ignorance, we reveal the truest essence and divine qualities of those in the Galactic Overlighting worlds. For eons of Space/Time, Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan, Arcturian, Lyran, and other Starborn Emissaries have held enlightened compassionate space for humanity and Starship Gaia. This Code assists in removing any last remaining blocks that have held us disconnected from the truth of our starry origins. Some of these implants were consciously & unconsciously chosen and now, either way, they are no longer needed for the next embodied step of the collective ascension process. Any telepathic obstacles to galactic soul family will be transformed into a deeper Gnosis and understanding of your inter-stellar origins. Encoded Galactic Heart Messages will be specifically given to all participants through the activation of Inter-Stellar Code IX.



Nu Central Sunstar Code X

As our inter-stellar body of awareness connects into the central axis of our galactic centre, there is a golden harmonic chalice point in which we will consciously shift into, what the Mayans call, the 5th Sun. This is where the carbon based Human DNA accelerates from the limited 2 strand duality into the multi-dimensionality of the fully awakened 24 strand Diamond DNA human being. Central Sunstar Code X activates the Rainbow Crystalline Sunstar Body through the multi-dimensional weaving of the Higher Archangelic & Seraphimatic Frequencies, allowing us to experience personal fractal mastery of the Golden Solar Sun Seed Disc of Eternal Life. As we weave our enlightened filamentous bodies back from galactic ignorance, we receive the glory and infinite light knowledge of our joyful ‘raison d’etre’ for incarnating into multi-dimensional states of being, both in form and formlessness over eons of time.



Nu Inter-Galactic Code X

Each Universal Mastery Code evolves upon a progressive series of cosmic alignments, which allows us to continuously anchor the filaments of each new code as it individually integrates. The Inter-Galactic Code deepens this process by assisting each participant to immerse themselves into the infinite bliss of millions of galaxies birthing from their sacred seed origins. Out of the floatation impulse to macro-cosmically expand, we reveal the opposite micro-galactic polarity within our fleshly matter. Down at the deepest aspect of our sub-cellular makeup, we unleash an ecstatic abyss of photonic lights, particle wave colors, and electro-magnetic sound frequencies unheard of. This is where the near Pratyeka Buddha realms surrender into emptiness/awareness and the subtle egoic states of our human condition completely dissolve into the initial non-dual arising of self-realization.



Nu Universal Sahu Code XII

Within and between each other, an energetic-holographic 'secret chamber' purification is needed in order to fully step into Great Central Sun Co-Creation with the divine crystalline synthesis of I AM Source Presence. This is the last initiatory journey to completely raise the sub-atomic structure of the cellular and molecular aspects of self into the full resurrected divinity of Source Embodied.

The Egyptian Sahu Body is the self-realized state of awareness that is God-Incarnate. As Christ became the Universal I Am, the pure totality of all creative existence filtered into his beingness and form. It is through the activation of this 12th code, that the Universal I AM ONE with all things cosmic becomes the only form of Authentic Authority of all co-creative cells within the I AM ONE self. It is the Adam of Genesis and the Atom as the building block to all formulations of matter in space-time. It is to fully know thyself as the One Source creator of all things.

It is the final culminating journey where all 11 codes previously awakened & activated converge into the One point of crystalline clarification. Every multi-dimensional macrocosmic field of awareness all the way down into the inner microscopic sanctum of our sub-atomic particle consciousness becomes enraptured and resurrected into the eternal mandala of the Sri-Yantra sacred geometric configuration. And the only sound that is heard is OM. The primordial sound of creation.



Nu Zero Point Code XIII

As we solidify our personal I Am Presence Identity stream with all of creation and all previous codes, it naturally befalls that the 13th code is the total exemplification of complete self-mastery through the I AM Egoic Death process of all co-creation. It is the full torroidal "tube torus' implosion of spirit in the explosion of matter. Or in simpler terms, The miniscule subtlety of the I AM Presence ego, which was able to retain its full enlightened expression in the Piscean Age is now completely hindering the collective expansion into this current Aquarian One. This last and final code brings everything into the zero point of no-thing-ness.

Before the One and after the Nine, we rest in zero. Before the in-breath and after the out-breath, we rest in zero. Just before birth and right after death, we rest in the zero. The Tibetans referred to this state of being in complete non-dual awakened formlessness as 'Dzogchen' or the Great Perfection. 'Dzogchen' is simply that you are completely Enlightened right now, but now this instant, as you read this, you just forgot what you already knew.

The Zero Point Code is the total surrender into the void of utter emptiness/awareness. Out of space and outside time and fully in the space and totally in time. The Zero Point Code XIII is that which awakens in you beyond form and formlessness. Beyond logic and illogical. Beyond rational and irrational. Beyond here and there. Beyond feminine and masculine. Beyond yin and yang. Beyond Light and Beyond Dark. As Rumi eloquently puts it, "Beyond right doing and wrong doing, there is a field and I will meet you there." That field is the Zero Point Code XIII.

It is from this collective zero point field of individual no-thing-ness that we introduce Level III Beloved-Mastery Training - Sacred KaMu: Royal Tantra Codes. From ZERO we discover the Beloved ONE.

This is a brief web overview of the 13 Codes. In Level I & II of the Self-Mastery Course Manual, participants will be given a full download of the integrated synthesis and overall blueprint of each code as we weave DivineJoys' Sound, Breath, Movement, and I-Gazing Curriculum throughout the entire 10 day retreat course intensive.

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Optional Healing Services & Offsite Excursions 

Expanding Universal DivineJoy Consciousness with a Humpback Whale & Dolphin Spinner Boat Trip

Humpback Breaching

For hundreds of thousands of years, the migration of the humpback whales pods from Alaska along the west coast of the north American continent have always harmonically converged into the Hawaiian Islands, notably Kauai, Maui, & the Big Island, to swim, play, and give birth in the warm pacific island waters. They with the spinner dolphins make up the Cetacean Nation.

Ohm Hawaii Whale BoatOn multi-dimensonal levels of awareness, The Whales & Dolphins are joyful keepers of the Universal Mastery Codes for they are fully 144% conscious beings using their entire brain to connect with the Cosmos. There is so much to receive from their space holding of the ancient akashic record consciousness on this blue-green planet.  Whale & Dolphin medicine is BIG HEART HEALING/DNA TRANSFORMATION and profound visionary guidance can be received from their pod presence! Be prepared to dive into the deep blue all the way!

Rainbow Diamond Heart Shamanic Integration Sessions(RDHH) with Mikael

Rainbow Diamond Heart Healing with Mikael KingRDHH is a powerful, light-fueled, Tibetan Shamanic healing modality that works on a core vibrational ‘DNA’ level. RDHH begins with an Auracle Color Therapy consultation. This is followed by the specific acupressure placement of special healing crystals and up to 13 Auracle Color Essences on the body’s meridian and chakra points.

Circular breathwork, vocal harmonics, hands on healing, sacred geometry, and uplifting essential oils may also be used in the healing session.

RDHH allows the client to relax in an empty but gently aware, void state. Once in this state, the healing of dis-ease and illness begins through the realignment of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of being.

At this time, any shadow issues or unresolved subconscious patterns hindering total wellness (i.e. anger, resentment, depression, deep fears, deep grief, shame, guilt, past traumas, abuse, childhood conditioning, ancestral bloodline conditioning, parental genetics, past life memory fields, negative belief systems, etc.), naturally arise to the surface to be accepted, released, transmuted, and purified into unconditional love.

As these subconscious patterns are released, clients feel a deeper state of:
source connection • clarity • peace • harmony • lightness • joy • gratitude for life

After several sessions of RDHH, you will shift into:
radiant heart health • prosperous wealth • passionate life purpose • sweeter balanced relationships • golden magical opportunities aligned with soul purpose

Mikael will be available for Individual RDHH Sessions for 1.5 hr during 13 Code Training free time.

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Included in your 13 Code Training Tuition: 


Level I & II Feedback:

“In the four decades of my life....there have been a select few 'life altering' experiences that have transformed my existence as I have known it. THIS RESIDES AT THE APEX!

— Brent W. San Francisco, CA

  • Crystal KaMu '13 Code Self-Mastery Blueprint'

  • DivineJoy Self-Mastery Training Course Manual 

  • Radiant Health Embodiment Program (Cleansing, Detox, & Purification)

  • All Traditional Hawaiian Huna & Ho'o'pono pono Ceremonies
  • 10 Day Gourmet Raw Vegan Meal & Radiant Liquid Elixir Plan

  • All Sound, Breath, Movement, I-Gazing, & Yoga Workshops

  • 9 Nights of Private en Suite, Shared, or Tent Camping Accommodation

  • Relax & Rejuvenate in Royal Temple Bliss with Large Pool, Spa, and Gorgeous Beach Access just 10 minutes walk away

  • Access to 4 incredible sanctuary acres of organic natural grounds with fresh Guava, Coconut, Passionfruit, Mango, and more)

  • All Tropical Jungle, Beautiful Sandy Beach, and Sacred Hawaiian Site Excursions

  • Aloha Shuttle Transportation between Sephirah Retreat Sanctuary & Lihue Airport on Jan. 13th and on Jan. 22nd

NOT included in the Retreat Tuition:
Flight to /from Kauai (Lihue Airport), Optional off-site Private Accommodations, Optional Healing Services, Optional Radiant Health Products, Optional Light Activated Gems & Crystals, Optional Dolphin & Whale Boat Excursion, and Optional Recommended Rental Car Transportation.

All Inclusive 13 Code Retreat Intensive Tuition (January 13-22nd) :

$2888.00 per person (Private En Suite Accommodation) Sold Out!

$2222.00 per person (Shared Accommodation)

$1777.00 per person (Tent Camping)

Discounts given to Kama'aina, $1777.00 for Shared, $1333 for Tent Camping, & $1111 for (Day Only Offsite)

Please contact Ali G for details: info(at)divinejoy.org or (1)808.639.LIVE (5483)

Sanctuary Space is limited to 15 Retreat Participants.


REGISTER & RESERVE YOUR SPACE with Ali G at 1.808.639.5483 or 1.808.639.4557 or email: info@divinejoy.org


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Sephirah Retreat Sanctuary

Sephirah Sanctuary Blog

All Accommodations will be provided by Sephirah Retreat Sanctuary.

A 50% non-refundable, non-transferable deposit reserves your space.

Red Lotus Room
Private Rooms
house 1 guest or a couple with shared bath. Bed Linens are provided.


Shared Sephirah Rooms
Shared Guest Rooms
house 2 to 4 guests and have shared baths and some have  outdoor lanais. Bed Linens are provided.


Sephirah Tent Camping

Eco-Sanctuary Tent Camping (onsite) — bring your own tent and bedding and camp underneath the star-bright Kauai sky.


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Sephirah Sanctuary

Registration Info 


Please Register by paying the full tuition amount online, by check, or by calling (1)808.639.5483.  Or reserve your space by sending a 50% non-refundable, non-transferable check/money order deposit of either the Private, Shared, or Tent Camping Accommodation Options. The Balance will be due by January 1st, 2010.

If you wish to Financially Contribute to the 13 Code Scholarship Bursury Fund, please contact us at info{at}divinejoy.org.  Thank you!
Ali G. DivineJoy

Questions? Please Call: Ali G

at DivineJoy!

ph: 1.808.639.5483

or 1.808.639.4557

email: info@divinejoy.org

All 13 Code Retreat Training Sessions from January 13-22nd will be held at the Sephirah Retreat Sanctuary in Kilauea, Kauai.


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Payment Options 

Online Purchase: (Please Pay Online, By Check, or Credit Card *5% surcharge added at checkout)

Credit Card Payment by Phone:

4 Credit Cards


Credit cards accepted with 5% surcharge, we process transactions over the phone with visa, mastercard, american express, or discover card:  (1) 808.639.5483

Pay by Personal Check, Money Order, or Cashier's Cheque:

When mailing your check, please include your full name, number, email, and current address. Please make your check payable to DivineJoy, and mail to:


P.O. Box 1397

Kilauea, HI  96754

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Arriving and Departing From Kauai, HI 


13 Code Retreat Registration/Orientation begins at 6 pm on Wednesday Jan. 13th and ends on Friday Jan. 22nd at Noon.

Every Training Participant is responsible for arranging their own air flights to/from Lihue (LIH) - Kauai Island, HI

Click here for Affordable Kauai Air Flight Search through Kayak.

The DivineJoy Transportation Team will be available for airport pick ups to/from the Sephirah Sanctuary before 2 pm for arrivals on Wed. Jan. 13th & drop offs after 1 pm Fri. Jan. 22nd.  We highly advise renting a car in order to have flexibility and freedom on the island.  For Rental Rideshare with other participants, please contact us and we will link you with them.

Click Here for our Affiliates at Discount Hawaii Car Rentals.

For your conscious well-being consideration, We recommend arriving in Kauai a day or two earlier and leave a day later if possible to acclimatize to the unique multi-dimensional paradise energies here and be able to spend some free time flow in the ocean, hiking in the sub-tropical jungle, or relaxing on the white sand beachs! Well worth staying the extra days!

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Cancellation and Refund Policy 

Due to the prepayments required for organic food procurement & gourmet chef prep, materials, staff, and Temple Sanctuary Retreat space on behalf of each participant, there are no refunds or credits offered for partial attendance or no-shows. This is a firm policy.


NOTICE: This Intensive Retreat Training is strictly an alcohol and drug free environment. You will be experiencing tremendously joyful all-natural HIGHS just being in Kauai, embracing inspirational educational content, experiencing sacred colour-filled ceremonies, splashing in healing waters, expanding your spirit and laughing hysterically with others.  This a zero tolerance retreat, meaning if you are found to be drinking or taking illegal drugs, you will be asked to leave permanently without refund.

WARNING: This Training experience is for those who take responsibility for themselves and embrace the opportunity to expand their beliefs, dissolve limited thinking and awaken their heart to a perspective of vibrant health and blissful radiant living. Those who tend to complain, blame others, and fear life will find this experience to be outside their natural comfort zone.

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This Level I Training is hosted and sponsored by: 



COS (Children of the Sun) Foundation

The Ohm Foundation
The OHM Foundation

Auracles Colours LOGO
Auracles Colour Therapy

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In loving memory of Kahu Poni