BreathLight Bliss FTP-Bali Immersion & Certification

2013-12-04 18:30
2013-12-18 12:00

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Cultural Inspiration • Visionary Training • Sensual Transformation • Nurturing Integration • Celebrate Empowered New Earth Community • Facilitate BreathLight Bliss Today!

International BreathLight Bliss FTP

December 4-18, 2013

Bali Immersion & Certification Retreat

 ShangriLa Oceanside Retreat & Spa

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IMAGINE for a moment that you are being reflected by some of the most incredible & loving individuals in a safe sacred temple space. Feel the sweet soulstar connections already supporting you to go deeper, further, and immerse yourself into assimilating & creating a unique way to lead others by truly being your WHOLE BODY BLISS self.

IMAGINE for a moment that this embodied awareness, this dance, this empowering weave, this nurturing, this sensual feeling, this blissful joyful space inside is already calling you home.  It is where you will always remember & source how you will facilitate your unique version of the BreathLight Bliss path, work, play & service out into your family, your community, your world.

IMAGINE the ONE LOVE you have always dreamed about begins with the BREATH, uplifts you with LIGHT, culminates in BLISS and grounds you with LAUGHTER.

IMAGINE all of this being held by the immense Spirit of Bali, steeped in mystical prayer, infused with colorful culture, and passionately juiced with extraordinary magick.

JOIN Mikael King, Spinner Dolphins and more special BLB Bali guests as we immerse ourselves in the most juicy and comprehensive two week breathwork training ever!  

+PLUS Temple Cultural Activities, Waterfall Hiking Excursions, Dolphin Boat Journey, Nurturing Massage/Spa Package, Morning Yoga, and so much more! 

“FLOW 1.1 & SYNERGY 2.2 Combined BLB-FTP Immersion Courses”


BLB Cerfification

In this special ALL-INCLUSIVE TWO WEEK 200 hr. Unified Certification Training Retreat, participants will receive all the juicy teachings & blissful downloads required to facilitate both ONE on ONE private BLB sessions and SMALL GROUP (10-12) BLB activation seminars.


“This was an amazing life- transforming experience that combined personal growth with reconnecting with deep soul family. The BreathLIGHT Bliss Facilitator Training is powerful by itself, but combined with the Sound, Movement & Yoga, it puts a focus and intention for an even greater depth & embodiment of the work. I am so very grateful.”

- Divine Harmony - Los Angeles, CA USA

After completion of the 60 hr. of post 1.1 & 2.2 training (private & group practice sessions), a BLB Facilitator Certification will be issued.

Register Online!
or call us in Bali 0821 44092677

Flow 1.1 & Synergy 2.2 are 2 out of 3 course trainings to fully complete the BLB-FTP as a Life Mastery Path. Presence Blueprint 3.3 is the final graduate course to become a Fully Certified Teacher of BreathLight Bliss.

For specific details on the entire 400 hr. teacher certification process, please click here: BreathLight Bliss Facilitator Training Program (BLB-FTP)



” The action of surrendering, releasing & moving into a steady, continuous stream of infinite energy. “

IN FLOW 1.1, participants will assimilate the foundational life path keys in,“The He-Art of facilitating a BreathLIGHT Bliss One on One Session.”   

Intending to facilitate or simply invigorate your practice, the FLOW 1.1 Course is an in-depth practicum loaded with activation tools & nurturing keys for the loving & dynamic presence within.


“ The Flow 1.1 Facilitators Training was profoundly magical and utterly life-transforming. It has certainly opened up a whole new field and frequency to bring into my own healing practice serving humanity. Mikael embraces golden wisdom that he shares in the most fluid way. Angela exhibits divine loving mother goddess energy all the way through, Thank you both! ”

—Michelle B. - Berkeley, CA USA

In the First Five Days, participants will receive an experiential ‘hands on’ practical approach to confidently empower themselves and others in a life-transforming breath process. In Flow 1.1, there is a strong emphasis on Somatic Breath Movement and its correlation with conscious Breath. Concentrating on the innate ability to expand the breath through self-sensual inner somatic movement while also allowing conscious dance to instill a deeper integration of breathlight’s oscillating capabilities in one’s everyday life will be a key element of focus.

For course details, click here:  FLOW 1.1

BLB-FTP Synergy 2.2


” The interaction, cooperation and/or unification of two or more energies to produce a result greater than the sum of their individual effects. “ 

SYNERGY 2.2 is a nine day immersion into assimilating multiple one on one BLB scenarios and completing with a group led experience by each participant. It is the vital completion of the accupressure practicum of whole body mapping & a detailed comprehension of psycho-spiritual/emotional & neural/ sensual body circulation.  

Empowered Group facilitation, somatic body awareness & heart field cohesion will be a major theme in Synergy 2.2 as individuals will move from holding space not just for individuals but for the entire pod consciousness.

In this second training BLB SYNERGY 2.2 Course, participants will somatically build upon the basic foundational keys that were skillfully anchored in the Flow 1.1 Course. Moving beyond the polarized illusions of separation, (Light vs. Dark, Feminine vs. Masculine) Synergy is the place where we simply observe, allow, and eventually play with the tantric power of unified LOVE energy. Each participant will learn to skillfully accept & move all types of group energy to co-create heart awakening, deep sexual/spirit transformation, re-balance the body/mind/heart/soul, activate safe group space to explore, and hold graceful transparency for all that transpires when one facilitates a BLB Activation Seminar/Ceremony.


“If you want to go beyond your apparent levels of consciousness so far, hold on, you have only to put your toe into this BreathLight Bliss FTP River....thank you for being a wayshower that opens the juicy pathway for many others to join in! ”

—Barbara M. - San Diego, CA USA

In Synergy 2.2, additional areas of focus will be identifying & fostering a personal style of teaching, supporting others as they move from illness to blissful wellness, and participating & understanding the vast importance of community pod based learning.

For course details, click here:  SYNERGY 2.2

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This All-Embracing Facilitator Training Program (FTP) will cover & include:


“Your commitment to sacred geometric ceremony was very vital to my transformational training retreat experience.  I wondered where ceremony and ritual went in my life and now I have it back! Thank you, for now I know it holds the power that I need to move forward & help others.”

—Elaine E., Denver, CO USA

  • Activating & Embodying the multi-dimensional BreathLight Bliss Body & Learning how to skillfully Facilitate, Transform & Lead others into the same vibrational oscillating state of tantric beingness
  • A comprehensive manual & training practicum that gives you hands-on experience & the unconditional loving breathlight knowledge to skillfully apply it to others
  • Accupressure & Body Mapping Touch to open, forgive, release, expand & free the physical somatic body of past energetic patterns, programs, and karmic contracts
  • Crystal Heart Transmissions and Telepathic Energy Downloads with Authentic Andara Crystals & Original Lemurian Seed Crystals
  • Massage/Spa Onsite Package
  • The undeniable magic of a spinner dolphin bliss boat excursion
  • Balinese Cultural & Water Temple Ceremonies
  • Delectable “Living Food" Bali Cuisine
  • Waterfall Jungle Excursions
  • Uplifting Somatic Ecstatic Movement
  • Compassionate & Supportive Lectures on your unique fullest potential role in transmuting collective & planetary karma in the human game
  • AND a deeply authentic BLB-FTP Team that will share an unforgettable, thoroughly life-transforming training experience with you!


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Register Online!
(or call Bali - 0821 44092677)

Ancient Balinese Land
Your BLB Training Team
Additional Seminars & Events
Optional Integration Services
Included in your Tuition Investment
Training Accommodations
Tuition Payment
Arrival & Departure
Cancellation and Refund Policy
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Balinese Culture & Ancient Temples

Balinese Culture

It is one of the original cosmic kundalini serpent seats of powerful Ley Line earth energy from the golden heart centre of the ancient civilization of MU. In ancient mythology, Bali is one of the mystical starbridge gateways between Eastern Lemuria (Hawai'i & Easter Island) and Western Lemuria (New Zealand & Australia). It is also the last remnants of the pre-fall Golden Age culture of Lemuria.


In the dimness of remote Antiquity, in an age so prehistoric it is now lost to time and memory, there once existed a spiritually-advanced “Golden Age” civilization which far surpassed our own modern society culturally and spiritually. The world’s first cultures were all children of this Golden Age “Mother Culture,” otherwise known as MU (Motherland United), and we can still see traces of it today in the many similarities shared by those civilizations that we understand to be the world’s first cultures. For example, the Balinese temples bear an incredible mirrored reflection to the ancient Mayans temples in 12 clearly researched examples, separated only by the pacific ocean. According to legend, Bali's traditional & still practiced harmonious culture of honoring the balance between dark and light, wraithful & benevolent dieties is one of the last remaining daily prayerful living connections to the last golden age of MU.

Register Online!
or call (62) in Bali - 0821 44092677

We will be visiting some of these cultural & temple icons for special ceremony intertwined with Breathlight bliss practices. Mikael will be historically & MU culture connecting the soulstar dots from Lemuria, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, & Tibetan/Indian cosmology. Special Balinese guides will be opening up the ancient cosmic gateways to receive new ancient/future downloads specific to this BLB-FTP Immersion Group.

Your BreathLight Bliss FTP Team

BLB Founder - Mikael King

Mikael King BLB FTP

Over sixteen years ago, at the age of twenty, he awakened to the enlightened sovereign heart path when he returned from a “near life ending, eternal review” pacific ocean drowning experience. The divine message received was simple, ” Serve Planet Earth by assisting Humanity to Consciously Shift into their Fullest Potential. "


"The BLB-FTP Immersions are benchmark experiences where Mikael and a very gifted team of new paradigm teachers, thinkers, and creative spirits evoke the spiritual power and wisdom needed in these momentous times. is a beloved force in the New Earth cultural awakening that has begun to shower us with a fresh generation of embodied & luminous spiritual leaders."

— James O’Dea, Crestone, CO
Former President of IONS: Institute of Noetic Sciences & Director of Amnesty International, Best-selling author of "Cultivating Peace"

Mikael King is a Sacred Sound Maestro, BreathLight Bliss Founder, New Earth Visionary, MU Star Jewelry Designer, and Documentary Film Maker. Since the inception of his Global Ministry in 2005, He has led and co-facilitated life-affirming events all over America and the Islands of Hawai’i. He has led trainings, seminars, ceremonies & experiental retreats internationally in Canada, Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand, Russia, Peru, Bali and Brazil. Mikael is a certified Sampoorna Hatha Yoga Instructor and Ecstatic Dance Music DJ known as DJ Mikki MU.



In the past eight years alone, In the last nine years, Mikael has personally facilitated over 100 BreathLight Bliss group journeys and has seen thousands of incredible personal transformations through his unique BreathLight Bliss Activation process.  He also loves to open the cosmic heart gateways for individual souls and groups to remember the ancient future Golden Heart civilization of MU (Lemuria). He spends his sweet downtime on the garden island of Kaua'i where he breathes the aloha, nurtures, dances, plays, surfs, swims, sings, chants, hikes, air-bends and creates inspiring music with his MU loving body.

Nurturing Body Love with Healthy Living Foods prepared by the Shangrila Kitchen Angels


Shangrila Meal Plan

Shangrila Food Banner

Additional Seminars and Events

Awakening the "Joy of Playful Being" with a Spinner Dolphin Pod Boat Trip

Bali Dolphin Boat Trip

Our very special dolphin boat excursion will align with the BLB oscillating frequency of the double spiral helix code. By interacting with the dolphins in the water with sound harmonics, all participants will experience a unique sonic immersion when the dolphins come to play. If you have never been this close to dolphins get ready for a blissful joy ride into cosmic ocean playtime!

Melting into your BreathLight Bliss Body with Shangrila Massage/Spa Package

Spa Package

We are all about the vast importance of relaxation through sacred touch and massage.  At Shangrila you will be soothed, caressed, and massaged into whole body bliss at your choosing during free time. Transport yourself into heaven with a first class Spa onsite.  From Reflexology, Balinese Traditional Oil Massage, Chakra Massage, Lomi Lomi & more, you will be loved up by the amazing Balinese Spa Staff. 

BLB-FTP Tuition Package includes 7 Individual Session Coupons to use at anytime during your 2 week training retreat stay.

Crystal Heart Sacrednology Transmissions

• Original Lemurian Seed Crystals • Monatomic Andara Crystal Glass • MU Star Jewelry Designs • Zero Point Pendants

DJ Bali Crystal Download

Remember your deep loving connection to the Crystal Heart Transmission and the ancient Golden Age Civilizations of Lemuria & MU.  Mikael will be sharing an enlightening Crystal Heart Sacrednology Download about his crystal earth-star gateway work with the original Brazillian High Priest/ess Lemurian Seeds and the Rainbow Coloured Monatomic Andara Crystals from the Sierra Nevadas. You will learn how to co-create with these amazing beings to activate yourself, anchor your groups, and expand consciousness to a whole new world of incredible energy, fun, play, blissful rememberance and Galactic Gateway Love!

Mu Star Designs

DivineJoy Adorned presents, " MU STAR DESIGNS ". Unique ONE OF A KIND organic jewelry encoded and embued with the Royal Vibrations of the MU Star. Regal, Breathtaking, Prosperous, Show-stopping Talismans, Pendants, Earrings, Necklaces, and Rings fit to hold you in the Golden Embodiment of the Age that is being re-birthed within you, now, in this very moment. YES! You are the MU-Star God/dess we have been waiting for.

New Exquisite Master Additions will be unveiled specifically for this BLB FTP Immersion group.

zero point pendants





Optional Private Integration Services


RDHA Private Sessions & Auracle Colour Therapy Consultations with Mikael

Rainbow Diamond Heart Activation with Mikael King

For RDHA Details, click here: RDHA Shamangelic Sessions


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Included in your BreathLight Bliss FTP Bali Tuition:



“Mikael is a true master. His level of knowledge & source connection is extraordinary. His immersion trainings bring everything together for what is happening right now!”

— Debra M. Sedona, AZ

  • BLB-FTP Flow 1.1 & Synergy 2.2 Course Manuals

  • ALL Special Seminars, Sound, Movement, I-Gazing, & Morning Yoga Flowshops

  • 14 Nights of Shared en Suite Accommodation at Shangrila Oceanside Retreat Centre

  • 7 x Massage Session Package at the Shangrila Onsite Spa (To be used at free time during the Two Week Certification Retreat)
  • Balinese Temple Ceremonies & Waterfall Hiking Excursion

  • 14 Days of Delicious Vegan/Veggie Meals

  • Wild Dolphin Pod Boat Trip

  • Relax & Rejuvenate in Shangrila Garden Bliss with Pool and black sand beach access just a short stroll away

  • Snorkel & Swim on the beautiful Lovena Reefs

  • Free Shuttle Transportation between the colourful City of UBUD & Shangrila Oceanside Retreat at allotted times on Dec. 4th and back again on Dec. 18th.

NOT included in the Training Tuition:
International Flight to/from DPS Bali, Indonesia, Bali Tourist Visa (REQUIRED ON PASSPORT, Please check your country's diplomatic relationship with Indonesia), Optional Special ADD-ON Excursions, Optional Integration Private Session Services, Optional BreathLight Bliss Health Products, Optional DivineJoy Activated Gems & Crystals, Optional off-site Private Accommodations, All Meals other than designated meal plan times, and Other RT Shuttle Times other than the Designated UBUD shuttle times.

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Training Accommodations

ShangriLa Oceanside Retreat & Spa

Welcome to Shangrila!

All Accommodations will be provided by Shangrila Oceanside Retreat & Spa

Our beautiful retreat, with a loving staff and well trained therapists, will treat you to an experience that will stay with you forever."

Shangrila's exquisite oceanside retreat offers Double Occupancy accommodation. Each Private Retreat Room comes with Two Queen Size beds and its own en suite bathroom (shower). LIMITED Additional off-site private guest room options are available upon request at an additional cost.

A 50% non-refundable, non-transferable deposit reserves your space.

Shangrila Accommodations
Shared Private Retreat Rooms house 2 same sex guests or a couple with private en suite bathroom & shower. Bed Linens, Fresh Towels & Filtered Water are provided.


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BLB-FTP in Bali Registration

Shared Accommodation All-Inclusive Tuition: $3444.00 USD

DEPOSIT Holds Training Space - $1444.00 USD + 4% C.C.T Online Fee (added at check-out)

(All Remaining Balances Due by Nov. 4, 2013)

Book in FULL Early and get the best Shangrila Oceanside Shared Retreat Room, First Come, First Serve.

Please Register by paying the full tuition amount online, by check, or by calling (62) 821 44092677 Or reserve your space by sending a 50% non-refundable, non-transferable, International USD Funds traveller's check/money order deposit for the Shared Private Retreat Room Accommodation. The Remaining Balance will be due by November 4, 2013.


“I have had the good fortune to spend many wonderful hours with Mikael King. He does not just mouth the words of his New Earth Vision, he lives it. He possesses a powerful ability to hold space for ceremony and healing without having to impress anything upon those who gather with him.

His visions and his dreams are not small ones, for he is here to help us to remember. When in the presence of one as clear as Mikael the unspoken messages are as easy to hear as the spoken ones. If you have the opportunity to attend one of his visionary retreats or receive a healing session from him… you are in for quite a ride!”

— Barbara M., Toronto, Canada

All USA, UK, EUROPE, ETC must have a Valid Tourist Visa from the Indonesian Consulate in order to enter the country.  Please make sure your Passport is valid for at least one year before travel date. For most countries you can apply in person for a 30 Day Tourist Visa on arrival at DPS International Airport.

angela di

Registration Questions?

Please Call or Email US!

DivineJoy office email: info{at}

OUTSIDE BALI PH: (62) 821 44092677

UBUD PH: 0821 44092677

All BLB-FTP Retreat Immersion Sessions from December 4-18th will be held at Shangrila Oceanside Retreat & Spa in North Bali.

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Tuition Payment Options

Online Purchase: (Please Pay Online, By Check, or Credit Card *4% C.C.T Surcharge, added at checkout)

4 Credit Cards


Credit cards accepted with 4% C.C.T surcharge, we process transactions over the phone with visa, mastercard, american express, or discover card:  (1) 808.639.5483

Pay by Personal Check, Money Order, or Cashier's Cheque:

PAY BY CHECK IN USD Funds & Save on the Online C.C.T Fee,

When mailing your check, please include your full name, number, email, and current address. Please make your check payable in USD Funds to "Mikael King", and mail to:

Mikael King

P.O. Box 1397

Kilauea, HI



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Arriving and Departing From Bali


BLB-FTP Registration/Orientation begins at 6 pm on Wednesday Dec. 4th and ends on Wednesday Dec. 18th at Noon.

Every Training Participant is responsible for arranging their own International air flights to/from Bali (DPS) - Indonesia

For Affordable Air Flight Search to Bali (DPS) Airport -

Click here for

Click here for

Click here for One

The BLB Transportation Team will be available for UBUD City pick ups only to/from Shangrila Oceanside Retreat Centre in North Bali before 1 pm on Wed. Dec. 4th & drop offs back to UBUD after 1 pm on Wed. Dec. 18th.

For your conscious well-being consideration, WE ABSOLUTELY REQUIRE arriving in UBUD, BALI a night or two earlier and leave a day later to acclimatize to the incredible paradise energies here. Each participant must be able to spend some free time flow sleeping, resting & relaxing, walking in the sub-tropical jungle, or swimming on the nearby beaches. You will not regret staying the extra days!

Recommended UBUD Hotels will be sent in the "BLB-FTP Bali Welcome Letter" once registration is booked.

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Cancellation and Refund Policy

Due to the prepayments required for transportation, training materials, staff, and Shangrila Retreat Centre on behalf of each participant, there are no refunds or credits offered for partial attendance or no-shows. This is a firm policy.


WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND each training participant to purchase, "CANCEL FOR ANY REASON" Travel Insurance. This allows each participant to receive a FULL REFUND, such as: RT airline ticket fees, training tuition fees, & travel/health insurance. This "CANCEL FOR ANY REASON" travel insurance is different from other normal travel insurances. Please check into your heart and consider this option if you feel deeply guided to do so.


NOTICE: This Retreat Immersion Training is strictly an alcohol and drug free environment. You will be experiencing tremendously joyful all-natural HIGHS just being in Bali, embracing inspirational educational content, experiencing sacred bliss-filled ceremonies, splashing in healing waters, expanding your spirit, loving & laughing hysterically with others.  This a zero tolerance retreat, meaning if you are found to be drinking or taking illegal drugs, you will be asked to leave permanently without refund.

WARNING: This Certification Training experience is for those who take total responsibility for themselves and embrace the opportunity to expand their beliefs, dissolve limited thinking, empower their creative mastery and awaken their sacred heart to a perspective of vibrant health & blissful radiant living. Those who tend to complain, blame others, enjoy victimhood and fear life will find this experience to be outside their natural comfort zone and may desire to seek elsewhere for their personal growth.

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This BLB-FTP Retreat is hosted and sponsored by:



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