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' Tibetan Sound Medicine '

with What Therapy, Singapore

' Introducing Sacred Sound Master - Mikael B. King '

with What Therapy, Singapore

' BreathLight Experience '

at Gallery Helios

' Unified Field: Sound & Breath Transmission '

at Gallery Helios

' Crystal Singing Bowls & Vocal Overtones '

with Golden Joy, Switzerland

Lilou Mace and Mikael King in Bali, check out the "Shadow Work" You Tube Interview and get down, dirty & radically honest with us! :)

The "New Earth Destiny Documentary" Film interview about Anastasia, Ringing Cedars & more with Mikael King & Lilou Mace!

Watch ' NEW EARTH DESTINY MOVIE ' Youtube below


New Earth Destiny - An Anastasia Inspired Documentary Film by Mikael King & Igor Revenko from Igor Revenko on Vimeo.
As Ocean Waters continue to rise, Natural Resources continue to dry up, GMO Seed Issues continue to distract, and the Technocratic Ego-mind based world continues to crumble; millions of awakening humans are now co-creating EMPOWERED SPACES OF LOVE as the sole answer to the world's problems.

This film is their LOVE gift to you and to the next 7 awakened generations that will thrive by your willingness to CHOOSE TO LIVE the New Earth Destiny Today!

New Video - ' Facilitate BreathLight Bliss Transmisison '  with Mikael King

' Gold Crystal Bowl & Tibetan Overtones '

with Lilou Mace in Kaua'i

' Living Your Fullest Potential;

with Lilou Mace in Kaua'i


with Mikael King


' THE NAKED EARTH TOUR ' with Mikael King & Global Friends!


Greatest Wealth Banner

'LIVING IN THE NOW' with the Golden Age Show

'SECRETS of the ANDARA' - Monatomic Crystal Glass

Tibetan Crystal Bowl Healing & Sound Activation

"Living in your Fullest 'GOLDEN' Potential "

Juicy Living Interview with Lilou Mace in Kaua'i

Mikael King - 13 Code New Zealand Lecture

part 2 of 6 - March 2010

Mikael King - 13 Code New Zealand Lecture part 3 of 6

Mikael King - 13 Code New Zealand Lecture part 4 of 6

Mikael King - 13 Code New Zealand Lecture part 5 of 6

Mikael King - 13 Code New Zealand Lecture part 6 of 6


Mikael King in Kauai- "2012 and Beyond" web stream cast

Aloha MU Meditation & Tibetan Sound Activation

Part 1 of 7 (other parts are available on u-tube search)

"New Earth Destiny" Movie Trailer- Anastasia of Siberia - Ringing Cedar Inspired Documentary Film

"Life in Anastasia Eco-Village" Mikael King in Russia Today News

"Open Heart Empowerment Retreat" Mt. Shasta, CA June 2007