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Mikael Asana YogaThe root word of spiritual is “espere” which in latin means “to breathe,” to be conscious of one’s own breath.  When you are consciously breathing you are living in the “now moment”, which is the true seed experience of enlightenment!  Through this grounded awareness of “being here now”, your divine presence can be accessed and deep awakenings can occur on all levels.

A spiritual counseling session will always begin with connecting the client to his/her breath of eternal life.  After connecting with the individuals higher presence, Mikael is able to clearly expose all lower physical, emotional, mental, and astral vibrations that may be hindering the individual’s current progress on the path of joyful ascension.  With a clear mind and focused intent the discordant energies can be transmuted and breakthroughs can occur.

“There is nothing new under the sun”, is an old saying that speaks well for Mikael’s counseling sessions.  You may feel that your issues or your problems carry so much weight in your self-created world but without a doubt it is nothing new under the Great Central Sun.  Anything and everything can be healed and transmuted with divine wisdom, divine power, and divine love.  Though sometimes in his counseling sessions you may be challenged to the core ego, you can be assured it will always be the highest honest truth for the good of all.

Without a doubt, all human problems stem from an inability to clearly see and feel the truth of their divinity.  The main obstacles at this time for all transitioning humans is the inability to awaken the human heart to higher self-love and co-creative purpose.  The human ego created lower vibrations of fear, worry, greed, lack, egoism, anger, hatred, lust, laziness, and jealousy are arising quickly to the surface in order for great healing, transmutation, and total ascension to occur.

Mikael’s approach to spiritual counseling comes from a path of dedicated self-mastery and joyful discipline.  Through grounded discernment and a compassionate demeanor, his sessions will bring you clarity of purpose, an awareness of your true divine path, and will undoubtedly lift the veils of confusion to expose the truth of who you really are….  A magnificent divine being having a human experience!  Be prepared to unveil your highest love and truth through conscious multi-dimensional change.  It is time to liberate thyself through loving thyself, honoring thyself, and truly knowing thyself!

Self-Mastery Counseling topics and tools to discuss:


  • Male/Female relationship: healing the sacred union from within.
  • Trinity body awareness (physical, astral, and causal) and the six sheaths (nourishment, energy, emotional, mental, ego, and bliss).
  • Akashic Record Karmic Contracts (individual, group, and world).
  • The past Golden Age civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis and their affects on current ascension.


  • Tibetan Buddhist Shunyata (emptiness-deattachment) meditation.
  • Tibetan and hindu deities and their mantras.
  • Violet Flame empowerment.
  • Merkaba Empowerment and Download.
  • I AM PRESENCE affirmations and decrees.
  • Surrender, trust, and gratitude empowerment.


  • Emotional cord cutting ceremonies through AA Michael.
  • self-compassion, self-love, and forgiveness ceremonies, healing deep shame and guilt from past conditioning and past lives.
  • the effects of recreational drugs and addictions on the balanced path of self-mastery.
  • using color therapy consciously to awaken happiness and balance.


  • Hatha Flow Yoga: how Asanas (physical postures) and Pranayama (breath work) can alleviate stress and produce balance, energy, strength, and flexibility to the physical body.
  • Detoxifying the body through self-administered sessions of liver/gall bladder flushes, colon cleansing, parasite cleansing, etc.
  • intentional fasting and why it has helped so many humans over the last five thousand years.
  • Raw food, vegan, and vegetarian diet, how it can help you energize, raise your light body, and still stay grounded!  Get more protein out of a rawfood/vegan diet than a meat and dairy one!

Telephone/Skype Counseling session:  $5/per minute, $300.00 per hour (30 min. minimum)

Private "In-Person" Sessions: please email inquire: info{at}divinejoy.org

Phone-ins welcome — 1.808.765.9388

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