Mikael King

Twenty years ago, Mikael awakened to the enlightened heart sovereign path when he returned from a "near life ending, eternal review" Pacific ocean drowning experience. The divine message received was simple, "Serve Planet Earth by assisting Humanity to consciously shift, embody their fullest potential, and remember who they really are & why they have incarnated."

Mikael has been training in Hatha Sampoorna Yoga for the last eighteen years and he is also a Certified Sampoorna Yoga Acharya from Shri Yogi Hari's Ashram.  He was a dedicated Tibetan Buddhist Practitioner for three years under the tutelage of the Venerable Chohje Rinpoche, the direct Vajrayana lineage holder for not only Jetsun Milarepa of the Kagyu line of Yogi-Saints but also of his Supreme Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche of Padmasambhava Nyimapa lineage.

After leaving the Tibetan Buddhist religious path in 2002, Mikael was led on an empowering Christ Conscious "Dragon (Ley) Line Awakening" Journey through the Middle east, Eastern Europe, and the United Kingdom.  It was then through a series of highly involved cosmic psycho-spiritual initiations, he connected directly with his own I Am Magi Presence.  He began to have crystal clear visions & direct divine guidance from ArchAngel Michael, Mother Mary, ArchAngel Metatron, Beloved Master Yeshua, and Ascended Master St.  Germain.

His deep past/future remembrance of golden spiritual lives and experiencing siddhic (magical) like powers led him joyfully back to Mt.  Shasta, California to begin the real service of establishing DivineJoy.org and seeding the Now Earth with the OHM Foundation's Kamuniversity Template.

In 2010, Mikael with cinematographer Igor Revenko completed post production on their grass roots documentary film entitled, "New Earth Destiny".  The film was inspired by a 2007 synchronistic journey to visit the mystic master Anastasia in Siberia and the super inspiring Russian Ringing Cedar Eco-Village Movement that has swept the country & world.

Mikael is also a private Shamangelic (RDHA) Rainbow Diamond Heart Activator, Facilitator of Transformational Embodiement Workshops for the past sixteen years and Ecstatic Dance DJ. Mikael has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Design from UC Davis. He spends his time surfing, contact dancing, playing music, hiking, soaking in hot springs, meditating, praying, chanting, gardening, planting trees, nourishing his beloved body and generally thriving on the islands of Bali & Kaua'i.

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