Vocal Harmonic Empowerment


Vocal Harmonic Empowerment


Vocal Harmonic Empowerment DJ 17



(Vocal Sound Workshop)

It is a spiritual tradition transferred down orally from generation to generation, enabling the succeeding lineage to connect with their Signature Sound Encoded Consciousness in a sacred authentic way.  Not only does the empowerment awaken channels to receive expanded information but it also opens the throat chakra, clears the subtle bodies, and aligns the entire chakra system in the body.

In this Sound-LIGHT Activation seminar with Mikael, participants will connect with their fullest potential self through the natural celestial spectrum of the human voice.

The Empowerment begins by learning to chant basic fundamental tones starting with the Universal Vowel System.  From that foundation participants will move to different vocal exercises in order to create and experience the flute-like overtone chants. There is both individual, partner, and larger group work which assists the transference of consciousness within this empowerment.

The Vocal Harmonic Empowerment gives both the eastern philosophy and western theory behind the sound healing practice. Participants will also:

  • RELEASE discordant mental patterns that hinder perfect emptiness/awareness.

  • BALANCE the emotional body by co-creating harmonic overtone frequencies.

  • CLEAR stagnant or stuck physical energies in the belly, heart, lungs, throat, and brain.

  • DEEPEN into transformational sound and its vast healing capabilities.

  • DISCOVER ancient practices that will allow the personal signature sound to strengthen, flourish, and heart blossom.

Be prepared for a major individual attunement through the power of group harmonics and receive core training in a very powerful ancient future discipline.

For Bookings, contact: info{at}divinejoy.org

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