Watch ' NEW EARTH DESTINY MOVIE ' on Vimeo or Youtube below

New Earth Destiny - An Anastasia Inspired Documentary Film by Mikael King & Igor Revenko from Igor Revenko on Vimeo.
As Ocean Waters continue to rise, Natural Resources continue to dry up, GMO Seed Issues continue to distract, and the Technocratic Ego-mind based world continues to crumble; millions of awakening humans are now co-creating EMPOWERED SPACES OF LOVE as the sole answer to the world's problems.

This film is their LOVE gift to you and to the next 7 awakened generations that will thrive by your willingness to CHOOSE TO LIVE the New Earth Destiny Today!



OHM Foundation presents:

New Earth KaMuniversity Template Plan 1.O

  • Future Vision of OHM received November 03 right after Harmonic Concordance though Archangel Michael
  • 1st preview plan seeded in Mt.  Shasta, 4/21/04 on Spring Equinox
  • 2nd revision 5/7/04
  • 3rd revision 4/14/06
  • 4th revision 8/18/07
  • 5th revision: 5 Month Co-creative OHM Plan Incubation Feb. 08-June 08
  • July 08 - New Earth KaMuniversity Template 1.0 Completed: 330 page plan includes: Co-Creative Business Models, 20 year budget wave build out, R & D on current global leading organizations, 32 pod sub-project build out on 1000 acres. Five KaMuniversities: Mt. Shasta, CA, Kilauea, HI, SF, LA, and Sedona, AZ

2008 'New Earth Destiny' U-Tube Trailer

(View RUSSIA TODAY's clip on Mikael King and his recent OHM KaMuniversity & Eco-village convergence in Russia 07)

10 Page Visionary Summary Uploading Soon!