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Insight Interview with Mikael King • Aura Magazine August 2009 issue.   

by Richard Todd Russano

CLICK HERE for the full interview.

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Waimea Gazette, Hawaii May 06 issue.

Awakening to the Yoga of Sound Healing

written by Kim Cope Tait
March 8, 2006

There were a hundred little things that nearly stopped me from attending.  Ego kinds of things.  Laziness kinds of things.  Fear kinds of things.  Finally, when the time came for me to attend Mikael King’s Vocal Harmonic Empowerment workshop, I gathered up my tools… camera, notepad, pencil… and headed to the private studio home of Zett Elyss Amora in Waimea.  Her prism-adorned, cathedral-ceiling studio would serve as the forum for a small congregation of people interested in the healing properties of sacred sound.

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