BreathLight Experience


BreathLight Experience



BreathLight Mikael 17


' Facilitate BreathLight Experience '



(3 hr. Breath Flowshop)

Unlike the traditional yogic pranayama breath control methods, this tri-level breathing process focuses on a continuous rhythmic breath-flow.

Breathlight encompasses three breathing patterns co-created by Mikael King: Double Helix, Mother Wave and Sacred Union

As the increased flow of crystalline spiral energy enters into the body, heart & mind, it gently triggers emotional release and opens up the authentic feeling nature of the sacred heart.

Clearing the aura around the sacred heart allows the mind to completely relax and submerge into a thoughtless state.

As a deeper level of self-love is experienced in this empty state, compassionate sensual feelings raise your vibration and transmit your intentions into the universal realm.

While in this superconscious (deep) meditative place, expanded vistas of multi-dimensional states of being and a renewed clarity of life purpose are naturally generated with ease.

Mikael creates a magnetically charged sacred loving space, where guided meditations and vibrational sensual body-movements prepare the group for the deep journey into the passionate tri-level breathlight process.




My breathlight experience with you was one of the most powerful moments in my life!  It was probably the most powerful connection I have ever made with the boundless power and energy available to human beings in the realm of the physical body.

—Luke G,
San Francisco


  • RELEASE tension, frustration, anger, and suppressed emotional trauma issues in a loving way.
  • SURRENDER old thought patterns, programs and painful memories.
  • ALLOW loving forgiveness at a deeper level for yourself and others.
  • OVERCOME anxiety, stress, and worry.
  • EXPAND your sensual sacred heart, feel deeper love for yourself and others
  • ACCESS your somatic-tantric light body through sensual oscillating spinal movements
  • BLISS OUT in a calm, relaxed, nourishing, and deeply sensual (trance) state.
  • INTEGRATE Body-Mind-Heart-Spirit, open up, and connect to the more expanded realms of consciousness.
  • RECEIVE crystalline clarity of vision and creative inspiration for your Career / Life Path / Goals.
  • AWAKEN inner vitality, passion, and aliveness.
  • REALIZE your intimate connection to Divine Joy, Unconditional Love, and Eternal Peace.

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