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'Just Breathe with We'

by Roxanne Ruby

originally published • OhanaKaua'i, March 2013

In Anastasia’s Russian Eco-villages the first question asked upon making a new acquaintance is not about where you are from or what you do for work, rather it is an immediate inquiry into something that matters most. They ask, “Whom is your Beloved?”

Mikael King was deeply touched by this novel concept of asking straightaway where it is that one directs their love. He was, at the time, synchronistical traveling throughout Russia doing Anastasia research for his documentary film “New Earth Destiny”. This journey and that particular question brought him a specific awakening that eventually guided him home to Kaua’i four years ago, where he now stays, deepening his roots and sharing his gifts to local & global ohana.

Mikael is a special sort of human being, one that has a plethora of knowledgeable, loving enthusiasm to share. He humbly comments that his sincere most divine beloved lies within his heart. In truth, there is no other. The practice of cherishing one’s self in such a way as this enables an overflowing abundance of kindness and compassion to flow forth and embrace all those around. Mikael is authentically living his practice of infinite love and truthful devotion to his fullest potential. In doing so, he is cultivating the spirit within him that overflows to the awakening of the spirit within others.

The process by which this gentle & empowered man provides a sacred space for personal transformation and consciousness activation is BreathLight Experience.  Eight years ago, Mikael adopted and adapted this unique breathwork practice to be a way of ascending into the physical somatic body through the most natural of actions, the breath.

“This is an amazing shamangelic technique for letting go, shedding egoic skins, and receiving inspiration from the super consciousness without an addictive crutch of any kind.”  It is a rhythmic, three step circadian sequence of particular breath techniques to release, restore, and revitalize the essence of being one with it all.

“To fully focus on breath, is to realize self. To realize self is to be the living heart emanation of Fullest Potential Source Consciousness.”

There is a potential for massive blissful expansion that can occur with such a gift as simple as this.

Mikael has certainly realized his “divinejoy responsibility to co-create whole body wellbeing.”  It is through his unique tri-level breathing process that such a compassionate intention may be fulfilled. He acts not as the healer, but as a subtle yet powerful guide, inviting participants to heal & love themselves.

“There is no other place to be or go but right here, right now. Which for most of us can be scary because we unconsciously crave being saved or saving others when really we already are just humbly finding new ways to save & be our true self again”. It is his divinejoy obligation to assist in the blossoming of intrinsic wisdom/love, personal empowerment and heart-awareness.

BreathLight Experience is a highly effective method to discovering and refining the sensual magnificence of the fullest potential self.

Mikael feels this is the pivotal time to be sharing the potency of BreathLight to the world. He is encouraging the great healing & transformational ability that we each have within ourselves. By energizing such a force, we are able to live up to our own blissful potential. “We are here. We are divinely & humbly human. Let’s get honestly real about everything. Let’s get naked in our authenticity. And lets put love in action for this buddhaful planet we call home.”

The most compelling part of our interview came when he answered my last question “What inspires you?” The response came after one thoughtful, meditative breath, “NOW”… with a wink. ;)  Simple and perfect.

A wildly creative and inspiring person, Mikael had large-scale plans of great influence. It was during his many global spiritual journeys facilitating & being facilitated that the simple complexities of now became clear. BreathLight bring us more fully into every moment. When we are whole-heartedly involved in the present, bliss is absolutely attainable. By really being that which we already are, we may further cultivate love, peace & gratitude in this world.

Experience the heart source of this life-transforming force with Mikael and BreathLight Experience in his private RDHA sessions (highly recommended) or in one of his semi-regular group offerings on Kaua'i and Bali.

Contact DivineJoy to experience BreathLight or one of his many other activation seminar offerings.