Tantric Meditation

Tantric Meditation Group Mikael

Tantric Meditation

2-3 hr. Meditation Ceremony depending on number of participants.

Lemurian Tantric Meditation with Mikael King

Attuning to the energies of the Great Central Sun, the Tantric Meditation Ceremony is a profound "out of body" visceral experience of what it means to be in Oneness with all through the eyes of another. Bliss body portals are opened through the EYES of two souls when their sacred heart allows all transparency lines to flow between the physical, emotional, higher sensual, mental, and cosmic spiritual intelligences. In this highly experiental workshop, individuals can shift into greater awareness and activate the ONENESS connection inside the infinite space that all beings hold when they shift 'out of time'.

The Tantric Meditation Ceremony uses simple entrainment techniques that have been downloaded to Mikael in a vision of how the Ancient Lemurian MU and Atlantean races of people greeted each other in the last Golden Age. With Circadian Rhythmic Breathing Techniques, Kinesthetic Palm Touch, and the Eyes forming an I-GAZE LOCK, the personal holographic soul blueprint story is played out between the two participants. Divine information & soul gifts for each other that were once hidden beneath personality filters, are now revealed and activated.

Each participant in the Tantric Meditation Ceremony pairs up with every other individual in the Sacred Ceremony. Alchemical Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bells, Tibetan Overtone Chanting, and Deep Heart Opening Lush Ambient music may also be used in the Tantric Meditation experience.

Be prepared for a major individual attunement through the divine loving presence of Tantric Meditation Harmonics and receive sensual crystalline codes in a very deeply transformational & ancient yogic discipline.

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