This is MiraKle King.  I AM grateful to be Back.

I am showcasing my new "BE HERE, NOW EARTH LINE" of MU STARZ -  Dreamtime Jewelry Design. "One of Kind' Sensually Empowered Talizmans, Rings, Earrings, & Neckaces for the consciously & regally awakened. check them out by clicking on the Banner Below, in Ubud or at one of my life-enhancing events!

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Lilou Mace and Mikael King in Bali, check out the "Shadow Work" You Tube Interview and get down, dirty & radically honest with us! :)

The "New Earth Destiny Documentary" Film interview about Anastasia, Ringing Cedars & more with Mikael King & Lilou Mace!


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Retreat Feedback:

The most powerful transformation in rapid time.  I now understand your vision of the Now Earth and I am so grateful for all the amazing knowledge that was transmitted. Fantastic!

—Jennifer S.,
Los Angeles, CA USA

The diamond heart Intention of DivineJoy's Sacred Sound, BreathLight Experience, Ecstatic Movement, and Tantric Meditation seminars is to provide a safe energetic space for life-transforming peak experiences to occur.  Using simple 'Tried & True' dynamic meditation techniques & skillful shamangelic tools that will keep your mind crystal clear, your body intimately nourished and your human heart flowing in simple 'Sovereign' Love. 

We have to be spiritually empowered, consciously flexible and compassionately fluid as the material shadow world continues to dramatically change on the surface of Plan-ET Earth. It is highly imperative that your constant state of Balanced Self-Mastery is activated, stabilized, nourished and continues to THRIVE amongst all that is rapidly shifting right here, right now.


Training Feedback:

“Mikael is a true master. His level of knowledge & source connection is extraordinary. His trainings bring everything together for what is happening right now!“

—Debra M.,
Sedona, AZ USA

In 2017, the concept of 'Enlightened Heart Sovereignty' will be invaluable as empowered individuals worldwide shift their life pathways towards a greater unity of purpose and begin co-leading as an example for the rest of humanity to follow.


'Be Here, Now Earth' is the cultural catch phrase of our collective radiant truth & wisdom body anchoring.


Be Here Now Earth 2017