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ALOHA! Selemat Datang... Thank you for popping into the unified heart field of DivineJoy ;)


Greetings Beloved Friend,

this is Mikael King. 


This New Moon weekend (Nov. 23), Join the "Auracle" Leslie Sloane and myself in Westlake Village for:

"Soul-Star Magick".


A Special Sunday Experience of Auracle Colour Therapy, BreathLight & Ancient Mystical Sounds (Bali Hanpan Drum, Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Overtones & more)

My only heart sharing in LA for 2014, not to be missed! :)

Holistic Haven in WestLake Village - Los Angeles, CA


818.348.4646 or 808.518.1437




If your on the magical island of Bali, please join the Facebook Page for "DivineJoy (Awakening Hearts to the Absolute)" & "BreathLight Bliss" to get the most current "in the heart moment" offerings.


Thank you for showing up in the Now Earth Flow!


with sweet grace, juicy laughter & immense love,  Mikael :)


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DivineJoy is simply about living in your fullest potential by awakening the emotional DNA intelligence that lies dormant in the sacred heart of your deepest of feelings. It is through your emotional bodies' feeling nature that everything you need to know becomes yours NOW in an instant! Cosmically Attuned Information, Universal Wisdom, Vibrant Telepathic Forms of Communication, Expanded Heart Intuitive Synchronicity, Clear States of Pure Sensual Ecstasy, and Harmonious Crystal Light Body Manifestations are accessed through your DIVINEJOY FEELINGS!

Once your DIVINEJOY FEELINGS are activated, the choice to change will flow smoothly, as egoic personality attachments to old fear-based relationships, superficial lifestyles, separation-oriented careers, stagnant home environment, life-depleting food patterns, old habitual programs, past ancestral conditioning, shadow denial, new age light polarization, and unconscious blood family traditions are completely released. Thus, allowing you the COSMIC HEART FREEDOM to serve your fullest & greatest potential at all times.


Retreat Feedback:

The most powerful transformation in rapid time.  I now understand your vision of the New Earth and I am so grateful for all the amazing knowledge that was transmitted. Fantastic!

—Jennifer S.,
Los Angeles, CA

The Crystal Core Intention of DivineJoy's Sound, BreathLight, Movement, and Tantric Meditation workshops is to provide life-affirming experiences with simple techniques & skillful tools that keep your sacred heart flowing in Divine Love, intimately connected to Pure Source Consciousness, and anchored into the fluid & dynamic Crystal Heart Rising of Planet Gaia. As things continue to dramatically shift on the surface of Earth, it is imperative that your State of Balanced Self-Mastery is activated, stabilized, and continues to THRIVE amongst all that is rapidly changing.

It is through our varied array of DivineJoy workshops, retreats, symposiums, seminars, shamangelic RDHA sessions, and self-mastery trainings that we can offer you golden experiental keys to Authentic Self-Love, Sacred Heart Awakening, Co-Creative Manifestation, Reflective Self-Empowerment, and Genuine Life Transformation.  Thus enabling you the ability to Connect & Celebrate your Fullest Potential Self with millions of others in this Now Earth Destiny we are all choosing for the next 7 Generations ahead.


Training Feedback:

“Mikael is a true master. His level of knowledge & source connection is extraordinary. His trainings bring everything together for what is happening right now!“

—Debra M.,
Sedona, AZ

In 2014, It is time to breathlight bliss activate, release the old fear paradigm, and love nest the unified Beloved Avatar dream!

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Golden Crystal Bowl & Sound Overtone Activation

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